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Mi piace molto questo gioco: ho sviluppato Neurone, un chess engine che con un minimo di intelligenza artificiale mi ha dato molte soddisfazioni. Ho giocato, gioco e giochero’ a scacchi in ogni modo. In questo periodo non posso che giocare on line (nickname su lichess lissandrello) o contro il computer. Se gioco contro il computer non c’e’ meglio dei vecchi programmi dos, adeguati al mio livello di gioco e divertenti quanto basta.

A seguire la classifica dei migliori:

TitleElo >=Computer chess magazine eloBest resultDeveloperYearNote
Hiarcs 7.0125002596Mark Uniacke1999
Rebel Century 4.025002596Ed Schröder2001
Chess Genius 525002524Richard Lang1996
M Chess Pro 8.025002516Martin Hirsch1992
Gandalf 323002493Steen Suurballe2000
Nimzo 3.523002430 (PENT-PC)2^/28 17th WMCC Blitz 2000Chrilly Donninger1996Program in German language but Info.txt contains the list of commands
WChess 1.05230024266^/24 8th WCCC 1995David Kittinger1995
Chess System Tal23002398 (PPRO-PC)10^/34 15th WCCC 1997Chris Whittington1997Paris 1997 version used
Fritz 323002382 (PENT-PC)1^/24 8th WCCC 1995Frans Morsch e Mathias Feist1995
Kallisto 1.98 Aegon 9723002359 (PENT-PC)The Aegon Man–Machine Tournaments: best result for software (4.5/6)Bart Weststrate1997The version displayed in game is different from the intro version
Mephisto Gideon Chess Professional 1.0230023491^/15 11th WMCC 1991Ed Schröder1990
Sargon 523002325 (PENT-PC*)Version 3: 9^/19 4th WCCC 1984Dan and Kathleen Spracklen1991
Socrates 323002322Don Dailey and Larry Kaufman1993
Rex Chess 2.3023002301 (PENT-PC*)13^/40 Aegon 1991Don Dailey and Larry Kaufman1990
Psion Chess 2.13210022801^/19 4th MCCC 1984Richard Lang1985
Zarkov 3.0421002280Version 2: 12^/24 6th WCCC 1989John Stanback1997
Kasparov Gambit21002234Socrates II: 1^ 23th NACCC 1993Heuristic Software1993Chess engine basad on Socrates II
Chess Friend21002230 (PENT-PC*)Gyula Horvath1993
Chess Champion 217521002229 (PENT-PC*)3^/7 3th Computer Olympiad 1991 Chris Whittington1992Chess Champion 2175 is the successor of Chess Player 2150
Chessmaster 3000210021602^/7 3th Olimpiad 1991David Kittinger and Johan de Koning and others1991The King chess engine
Complete Chess System 221002141Oxford Softwork1993
Diep 1.60.0121007^/22 15th WMCC 1997Vincent Diepeveen1998
ET Chess21005^12 4th FPT 2002Erik Triki2001Time control based on strategic and tactic level
Eugen 7.6210015^/30 9th WCCC 1999Eugenio Castillo Jiménez1997
Now 0.1021007^/15 11th WCCC 1991Mark Lefler1991
Zeus 3.121009^/27 14th WCCC 1996Gerardo Castano1994
Battle Chess 40002000Brian Fargo and Michael Quarles and others1992
Bluebush Chess2000Bluebush Software1993
Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess2000Richard Lang1994
ChessFiz 0.162000Andreas Herrmann2000Program in German language
Chess Simulator20007^/12 10th WMCC 1990Chris Whittington1990
ChkChk 1.752000Version 1.12d: 5^/12 10th WMCC 1990Wolfgang Delmare1994Program in German language
Comet B.622000Version A00: 9^/34 15th WMCCUlrich Türke2003
EXchess 2.512000Dan Homan1998
Killer2000Raul Carbonell1993
KnightStalker 1.02000Mathias Feist, Frans Morsh1991
Mephisto Advantage2000Ed Schröder, Rob Kemper, Jeroen Noomen1994Chess engine imported and selectable from Mephisto PC Brett
Pegasus 1.162000Michael Ehrig1994
Turbo Chess2000Turbo GameWorks1985
Quest 3.12000Frans Morsch e Mathias Feist1995
Colossus Chess X1900Version 2.1: 19^/19 4th WCCC 1984Martin Bryant1990
Cyber Chess 1.01900Softdisk1992
Cyrus 6819002^/6 7th WMCC 1987David Levy, Mark Taylor,Kevin O'Connell1985
Deep Basic Chess1900Thomas McBurney2003
EdChess 3.01900David Hendriks and John Bell1994
Gnu Chess 3 in Dos Chess1900chessforeva2013
Idiot 1.2 Shareware1900Petr Stejskal1998shareware?
Inmi Chess 3.001900Werner Inmann1998
IsiChess 2.501900Gerd Isenberg1996
Kaissa London19004^/11 2th Computer olympiad 1990 (First version: 1^/13 1th WCCC 1974)Paragraph1990This is strongest version
KC Chess1900Kevin Phillips1990
Neurologic 97 1.11900Joschen Peussner1997
Patzer190021^/30 9th WCCC 1999Roland Pfister1998
Power Chess 6.0 Shareware1900H. Heiss1989
Rival 1.5f1900Chris Moreton and Russ Newman1998
Springer 1.01900Ken Goodman1989
Tjes 0.1.021900Marcel Nijman1997
Virtua Chess1900Titus France SA1995
Wappler 1.24a1900Thomas Mally1992Program in German language
Warlord 1.0 Beta1900William Rogers2002
World Class Chess1900Softcorp Software1987
Xenon 2.01900Andre Heuner1999
Alphabeta1700Unknow1999No level selectable
Attax 0.51700Lzap Uvadi1997Instructions and program in Czechoslovakian
Betsabe 4.01700Jube1994
Castle Chess1700Anonymous1992Spanish language
Centaur 3.01700Version 2.0: 17^/22 7th WCCC 1991RussSoft2003
Chess (C)1700Oscar Contreras1993
Chess 88 2.01700Don Berg1984
Diogenes 5.011700Version 2.0 22^/27 14th WMCC 1996Jörg Burwitz1999Program in German language
Grandmaster Chess1700IntraCorp1992
Huuhhkaja 3.4 shareware1700Unknown1998HUUHKAJA is made with old QBasic 4.5 program
Max Rubin 1.01700D.Steinwender, Ch.Donninger2000Instructions and program in Czechoslovakian
Mirage 2.071700Shpeer and Rybkinkin1998
Necromancer Chess 3.801700Necromancer Sofware System1991
Nova Chess 1.121700Thomas Starke1996
Philidor1700David Levy's and Kevin O’Connell's1991
Sachy 1.21700Ing. Miroslav Nomeyek1993Instructions and program in Czechoslovakian
Schac-12 Unregistered version1700Jurgen Shmitt1994
Siberian Chess 2.15 Shareware1700Eugene Nalimov1994
Star Wars Chess 1.01700The software toolworks1993
YChess 1.101700Roman Antonczyk1996
Chenard1600Don Cross1997
Chess1600Rakaska and Huggins1981Perhaps the first chess program
Clueless 21600Unknown1996
Drago1600Stefano Gemma1996Written entirely in assembler
Lasker1600Rude Softwork and Chaos Company1993
My Chess160014^/18 3th WCCC 1980David Kittinger and John Urwin1984
Mystic-Max 11.991600Chetan1988Instructions and program in German language
Pc-Chess 1.31600M.J. Carpino1985(aka new version of ChessPartner dos)
SPOC The Chess Master 1.01600F. Middlecoff Cypress Software1983
Jn 1200 p1400Jana Nìmce1998Instructions and program in Czechoslovakian
Nero 51400Jari Huikari2000

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