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LogoVersioneDataRating EloBit.Net RequirementDownload
Neurone XVIXVI - Hurry up!16/05/2012153032Framework 2.0To get this download and all latest versions must go on g 6 site

RuntimeNoteLinkDirect download
.Net Framework 2.0Requirement necessary for lastest versionsLinkDownload
.Net Framework 3.5Requirement necessary for old versionsLinkDownload

LanguageNoteLinkDirect download
ITAGirl's voice (Silvia)LinkDownload
UKGirl's voice (Emily)LinkDownload
FRAGirl's voice (Virginie)LinkDownload
ESPGirl's voice (Isabel)LinkDownload

LogoVersioneDataRating EloBit.Net RequirementDownload
XV - Step by step05/05/2012152532Framework 2.0Download
XIV - Catch the bug26/2/2012151032Framework 2.0Download
XIII - Cleaned and washed19/02/2012151032Framework 2.0Download
XII - Quick ponder01/02/2012150032Framework 2.0Download
XI - Adamantium11/11/2011147032Framework 2.0Download
X - Hyperspeed01/09/2011145032Framework 3.5Download
IX - Bla bla bla17/07/2011142032Framework 3.5Download
VIII - Branch and bound12/07/2011140032Framework 3.5Download
VII - The little challenger27/06/2011135032Framework 3.5Download
VI - Diet and training19/06/2011125032Framework 3.5Download
V - Multilanguage30/10/2010130064Framework 3.5Download
V - Multilanguage30/10/2010130032Framework 3.5Download
IV - The right way20/10/2010129064Framework 3.5Download
IV - The right way20/10/2010129032Framework 3.5Download
III - Stable version19/06/2010126064Framework 3.5Download
III - Stable version19/06/2010126032Framework 3.5Download
II - Hawkeye14/06/2010125064Framework 3.5Download
II - Hawkeye14/06/2010125032Framework 3.5Download
I - In the wild bunch04/03/2010112832Framework 3.5Download
0.0.4 - Beta28/12/200992832Framework 2.0Download
0.0.3 - Beta01/12/200971032Framework 2.0Download
0.0.2 - Beta25/11/200956432Framework 2.0Download
0.0.1 - Beta23/11/200968732Framework 2.0---